True Beauty

True Beauty

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This is a short little poem I wrote, as I struggle through an eating disorder. It was inspired by a few emails I read, telling me 'It does not matter what's on the outside, but on the inside. That's what is your true beauty.' Goal 2000 hearts!

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29 days ago Flora rays said:

It's stunning! It dives into the soul and speaks.


8 months ago madd.z said:

I can't even fathom over your writing talent! Please write more poems like this. This poem really spoke to me. It felt very personal and heart warming. I absolutely loved it!


about 1 year ago Emma Kelly said:

It's beautiful! Really moving. You've got a talent! Keep writing, I'm looking forward to reading more of your poems!



over 1 year ago Janna Zuercher said:

it makes me cry because i wish the people who hurt me read and knew this poem.



29 days ago Flora rays said:

Flora Rays- This is true! Our soul is much more beautiful than our appearance if we are kind and loving! Five stars! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


4 months ago Haley Larsen said:

Girl I loved this you took this idea that's always shoved down our throats and made it something tasteful to swallow.