Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl

1 chapter / 579 words

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I have multiple variations to this story on Figment including Music's Purpose and the Piano's Resilience. So, if you read either two or three versions of the story, you will notice familiar passages or story-line. They all relate to the importance of music in my life, but all have different connotations pertaining to who/how/what impacted the story line. Please feel free to give me feedback or suggestions in my writing. I love brutal responses so I can improve my writing and retaliate back. (This is a true story, a small portion of my ongoing autobiography).

Thank you.


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Luna estella

about 4 years ago Kaleidoscope Eyes said:

Very good (:

The vampire diaries

about 4 years ago Shammi said:

This was a very well written masterpiece. It is very unique since it is about you. I hope that you are able to accomplish you goals in life and that you become something successful. (:

Black bird

over 4 years ago Aviline said:

Wow. This is amazing. I'm sorry for you, but I'm happy that you grew stronger. Congrats on being on the homepage. Your story is very inspiring.

Ny palace

over 4 years ago Jennifer said:

Please read "Hopeless." Heart it if you like it.


Ny palace

over 4 years ago Jennifer said:

Gosh Tem Hindu mindu, whatever your name is? Your horrible at critiquing people's work. Don't think you know it all. Stay in India or wherever you came from.

Maskman19 (l)

over 4 years ago Tem D'Mindu said:

'head banging' - 'head-banging'.

'friends while blasting' - 'friends as they blasted'.

...I don't see how he could leave so easily without recriminations from the government.

Huh. Child abuse. ...I'd find more solace in a long talk with the police, but okay.

'my heart filled with joy' - 'it filled my heart with joy'?

The hole left by your father isn't as relevant as the abuse, I would think.

...And why doesn't he know, in this day and age? Is he dead?

The only problem I had with this was how many questions it raised. Sounds nice otherwise.