Courage In Sorrow

Courage In Sorrow

1 chapter / 2987 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


A young man taken from his home and sold into slavery, and the girl who could be his salvation...or his damnation. {A short story}


Adventure, Drama, Romance



over 4 years ago Hannah R. Jones said:

As you know, short stories do not usually hold my attention. You have changed this philosophy of mine. This story is incredible. To have such power of despair and then love and then despair again in such a short time. Then to end it with love. Is beyond powerful, it is a gift.

And you have it my friend. Thanks for sharing it with me. Hannah

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over 4 years ago Georgia Cline said:

This was masterfully written! It's a different kind of love story than what is so often posted here. I really liked your definition of life. Altogether, well done!


over 4 years ago Garima Gupta said:

The emotion in this is heartbreaking. Beautifully done!


almost 5 years ago Madeline Nixon said:

This is a very good story. I like your voice and style. Good job and keep writing.



almost 5 years ago Lina Marie said:

I don't even know what to say to this, Amazing. I was loving every last morsel of it the entire time and at the end you brought it together so perfectly. This is perfectly written, but there's more to it than just that, there's messages that are communicated in ways you kind of long to hear them described. You are so creative and there is so much heart behind all of this. I feel like everything I read of yours gets better every time and I just say "How is this possible?!" I wish I could write like that. Someday, I hope. This is beautiful, Abi. Absolutely perfect. Never stop writing. You have a gift and its so refreshing to see you using it to glorify God with. Love you!