Watch's Through the Trees

Watch's Through the Trees

38 chapters / 77628 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read


This is my first attempt at ever writing a novel, it took me about a year to complete, writing sparingly. It's about an elf that lives in the forest, and his family was killed when he was just 15. He lived in the forest by himself, and continued the training his family started him on. He rescued a wolf pup from the fire, whom he has raised all it's life. They can communicate telepathically, and are both broken in some way, so they Watch out for one another. There is a lot of action, fighting, running, and movement. I tried to keep the pace fast, even when nothing was happening, so if some of the parts feel unnecessary or forced, they aren't meant to be so, they're just there to string the story together, keep the reader interested, and help you bond with the characters.

Sourcing! The cover is from the Magic The Gathering card game, and the title is "Turntimber Ranger." I didn't draw the cover, but the story is 100% my work. There are some ideas in there inspired by people in my life, Role Play games i have been through, and all sorts of stuff like that, but it is all changed around and made different, and made especially mine.



almost 4 years ago Eredhion the Ranger said:

Waaaaaa, flippin' epic, sir! Sequel, sequel, sequel I cry! Well done, my good man!


over 4 years ago Angry_Birds said:

great stuff dude, you must have put a lot of time into this and it shows


almost 5 years ago Uln'hyrr Ar'ndengina said:

WHen is this getting published????


almost 5 years ago GeneralHales said:

You said to leave a comment to my story on your story c: I look forward to see how you like it to far.



over 4 years ago Uln'hyrr Ar'ndengina said:

Thats why i go to public school and have waaay too much free time! i caught a few more!

Chapter 34 : 4th paragraph - So they truck back. I kinda hope thats supposed to be struck, if not is Leo's truck a monster truck??? AND! Until the forced the. I think the first once was supposed to be they.

7th paragraph - seeing is strain. I think it should be his strain.

Chapter 35 : 9th paragraph from the end of the chapter - tried to punch, be he evaded. I think it's but not be.

Chapter 36 : 2nd paragraph - The sailed through. They sailed though.

3rd Paragraph - got read to leave. Got ready to leave.

... other than that I saw nothing else in the last part. I want to read more! It made me cry, and I love how you make it romantic but not cheesy romantic or nearly triple X rated. Its really cute.


over 4 years ago Dennis Mawson said:

Yeah, probably. When i type fast i tend to either forget letters, or add letters, especially if my brain is thinking of similar words. I just have to proofread better.