Alice In a Twisted Land

Alice In a Twisted Land

39 chapters / 15937 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


I decided to do An Alice In wonderland story, REMIX :D, I honestly wanted to make it a little darker then the original, and different problems. I hope You Enjoy! Yes, I'm aware the chapters are short to read, and the overall reading time should be longer. Well, This is kinda going to be a longer book, But I'd rather have it have short chapters, but a lot of them. -Thanks!



almost 5 years ago A.G. Wade said:

This was...just so BLOODY BRILLIANT! (heeheehee, what a play on words!) You are an excellent writer! One thing though, the beginning just kind of came out of nowhere... But other than that, it was AWESOME! I bow to your awesomeness. ;) I really hope you choose to continue writing this masterful piece! You have some very clever wordplay there. ;) My favorite!


about 6 years ago Jordan Hines said:

This story is really great!! I agree with you about the short chapters, I like them a little better than long chapters but only if there is a lot of them.


over 6 years ago Amelia T said:

that was amazing, great job! loved all of it, and what a great twist :D can you read my story Alice in The Midnight Games? its another twist of alice in wonderland :)

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over 6 years ago Stephanie S.S. said:

This made my day I absolutely loooove all things Alice! And your retelling was very original and a little dark. I hope you keep writing :)


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almost 6 years ago Lilly Thomas said:



over 6 years ago Zoƫ Aiko said:

A very interesting idea. I've read the first chapter, which is very intriguing in it's drastic difference from the Alice books, all drab and colorless as opposed to the classic bright and frantic. Your use of capital letters on certain phrases, whether intentional or not, works well sometimes, but not others. You also have a few typos here and there, which can be fixed quickly and easily. Other than that, it seems like an original interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Nice work!