The Battle of the Clans

The Battle of the Clans

13 chapters / 5325 words

Approximately 27 minutes to read


Clans and a forest are in danger. If nothing is done, death is contained, if it is taken over, evilness will hang.



almost 6 years ago CinnamintCherry said:

This seems like a good start. I suggest going over this one more time for editing. :) Keep writing!


almost 6 years ago Gizmo Higgins said:

Wow!!! this is great. Keep up the great work!


almost 6 years ago Markie said:

Very Interesting :D hmmm


over 6 years ago Malena Cheng said:

That's a good start, but maybe you'll want to work on the punctuation and spelling, because in some parts i didn't quite understand. Maybe work on it a little each day. Being an expert on imagination, Malena


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