Of Shadows and Fire

Of Shadows and Fire

3 chapters / 2921 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


Karl Young is running out of time.

Cover Design: Kitty Kat


Action, Fantasy, Mystery



over 4 years ago Yoonjin Seo said:

to be honest, i was a little confused, but i'm guessing the reader's supposed to understand as the story goes on. fantasy/action isn't really my thing, but still, it was fun to read. would you check out some of my writing? you don't like excessive swearing so don't read wise words of ghandi, or all it takes (it's a poem, no swears, but not my fave), or searching for reality, but anything else would be great!!!!!!

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over 4 years ago Kitty Kat (I'm home) said:

Thank you for being loyal and keeping my cover!


almost 5 years ago Susanna Jefferson said:

I only have one thing to say, keep writing!!!!! i am dieing to see what happens next!!!!

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almost 5 years ago This is my childhood said:

I think that this is really descriptive. Great job and keep writing.


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almost 2 years ago Jo said:

I'm terrible at reviews, and this will be kind of out of order since I'm writing it as I go

Indiana Jones reference :D and the cover's great ;) So at the moment, I'm not really getting the whole concept with the demon dog and the curse, so hopefully that and the characters will be explained a bit more as the story goes. The explanation about his college work gives us the general idea of how old he is, which is good. We learn more about his family and I think it's cool that he sees these monsters. It's very interesting. I like that we get a memory of when Karl and Hical met, with the gnome and all. That makes it very interesting.

While I don't usually comment on spelling/grammar, I figured I'd let you know that you said "brunet" it's spelled "brunette".

I'm interested to learn what kind of roles Cheyenne and Cypress will play in this. I can't wait to learn what the Assignment is, and it's super cool that Karl is working with mythical creatures. I'll definitely continue reading this story as more chapters are added.