Mercy's Fall

Mercy's Fall

3 chapters / 4565 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


Completely new content! All critiques are welcome.


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over 3 years ago Jennifer Stemmer said:

I'm looking forward to returning to read this! I simply do not have the time or energy tonight. Perhaps I will tomorrow. We can always hope!


over 3 years ago Noah Pelley said:

Ok, loving this so far. Pierce is just a huge badass, Mercy seems fine (since I am just now on Ch.03) and Ramiel (I hope I spelled that right) is kind of boring. I dunno, guess I like dark angels more. Gonna read the rest later and give a full review.

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over 3 years ago Ashley said:

I loved this!!!

Marty akira

over 3 years ago Red shirt said:

Interesting take on Angels. I like the setup and the characters but I don't think the story is for me(personally) though.


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over 1 year ago Baird Wahlander said:

Oh man oh man. I absolutely love this and I cannot wait to see where this is going! You're very descriptive and you've definitely done your homework when it comes to the church and psychology. I did notice a couple of spelling mistakes so you may wanna give this another once-around. Looking forward to more chapters!


almost 3 years ago MichelleWeber777 said:

This piece from the start it draws you in. No, it isn't the normal start of a story but that is what makes it unique. Every piece an author writes whether poetry to horror stories and all in between should have their own flair and unique grab for the reader. No story ever pleases everyone but a good story will have that element to keep the reader wanting to find out where the author plans on taking their characters or story and this I believe has that. It's a very good start. Keep the energy level up to keep the reader coming back for more...That is the key with this piece. Good job!