The Heavens Above

The Heavens Above

1 chapter / 498 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


The story of two stars that fell in love.


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over 4 years ago Mary Kate said:

PS: Great cover photo! Caught my attention and depicts the story so well (:

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over 4 years ago Mary Kate said:

I do not usually enjoy a story where the entire plot is based off of inanimate objects that have human qualities. You did a great job with it here, though, Breanna! I know you were probably limited by the contest as far as wordcount goes, but if you ever decide to flesh this story out, I see room for a lot more details. For example, how did the stars suggest to each other that they wanted to be together? Why couldn't the Sun or Moon stop them? Things like that -- the reader would love to know (: Loved the assonance at the end: brightest lights. Great way to end and awesome short story. -Mary Kate


over 4 years ago Gabrielle Fiona Oswin said:

That's so sad :(

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over 4 years ago Taylor Renee said:

You asked me for a swap, so I read your book and hearted it and if you could pretty please look at Deadly Woman for me, that would be great!



almost 5 years ago Ryanne Kap said:

Interesting concept and strong delivery, but I think the actual story is overshadowed by the backstory. Sometimes it's easier not to write the entire story, but a strongly focused snippet of it. Maybe just go ahead and develop it, make it this giant story, then only write a part of it with enough backstory to give us a sense of the bigger picture.