Won't Because I Can't

Won't Because I Can't

1 chapter / 913 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


*Hysteria finalist
A true story



about 1 month ago juegosfriv2017 said:

This is absolutely beautiful. Friv 2017


3 months ago J.B. said:

I really like how you didn't hold back your emotions in this piece. A lot of people would be scared to do that.

Double hearts

6 months ago Vanna said:

Heartbreaking but you helped his story be seen as important and beautiful


10 months ago Salmeen Shakil said:

When we lose someone special like this, we realise that some people are actually irreplaceable.Or who knows maybe we don't want to replace them. No matter whether its a silly memory or a gift, we keep holding onto these. Nice writing!



over 1 year ago Lake Strobel said:

This is absolutely beautiful.


almost 3 years ago Kelsey Eaton said:

This is truly a very touching story, can not wait to read more of what you have to write.