Interactive Short Story!

Interactive Short Story!

36 chapters / 4675 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


A story where YOU choose the outcome! You wake up in a white room and don't remember getting there. You need to escape. It's up to you to find the way out.




6 months ago Sophia F. said:

WOW!!! This is excellent and I've never done anything like it on figment before! Took me awhile though, i think about seven times...


almost 2 years ago Ava Rae said:

I got it the third time :D LOL


about 2 years ago Trin Aster said:

Is it fine if I attempt to copy this, like make my own interactive short story?


about 2 years ago Trin Aster said:

On Page 14 you say. "I will never tell you." I say. Since you are working in second person it should be. "I will never tell you." You say. Really good. Please write more!


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almost 4 years ago V. L. Thornton said:

One problem; # 15 is the stairs. Not a long corridor.

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about 5 years ago Robin Chapman said:

I absolutely love this! So unique and a joy to read. All your time and hark work definently shows!