1 chapter / 889 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Credit for the amazing cover goes to Katie Holland!! I wrote this story I think my freshman year of high school. It was for a library contest. I based it off of a poster that I have in my room. I think that it is one of my best.


Mother nature the mortal

over 4 years ago Alexandra Rylie said:

Amazing absoultly gorgeous!


over 4 years ago Starlyn said:

I adore stories about Angela. This was very sad toward the beginning, but I really like the ending. Great job!(:


over 4 years ago Rebecca Bamford said:

Great story, I was drawn in from the first paragraph. It's something that I haven't read before. I liked the structure of your story, how you broke it down and the ending really made me wonder what will happen next.Good job


over 4 years ago Rayna Brooks said:

Amazing! It captured (see what I did there?) my attention from the very beginning! It was very captivating (I did it again ;)) beautifully done and great job!



about 4 years ago Taylor Fagan said:

I completely agree with Anna M. Watson's review. It was amazing and well-written, a captivating story. But I felt like it was too short and didn't go into enough background. I also felt that it ended to abruptly and didn't make much sense at the end. How did she get to the beach, away from her captor? Who was her captor? Why did he want the information about angels in the first place? Why was she captured? How was she captured? Basically, it raised too many questions for me. I loved it and enjoyed reading it immensely, but too many questions were left unanswered.

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over 4 years ago Anna M. Watson said:

Interesting. I feel as though it could have been longer. I think there needed to be more explanation in the beginning of why she was captured and by whom. And what are angels like? It seems if she was an angel, she should be stronger than a human (unless of course the captor wasn't human). The end was a bit cut-off I think. I felt like the story should keep going, at least for another few sentences to show us where she is and why. Perhaps let her figure out what she's supposed to do next and then make it the end? Just suggestions. Overall, good descriptions and interesting idea.