Selfless Survival

Selfless Survival

18 chapters / 22617 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


About seven years ago, there was a horrific car crash. Glass shattered, oil leaked, and white hot fire exploded from the once silver car. The victim's name? Vincent Pent. Husband to a loving wife and father to two young children. All he ever wished for was for them to be safe, not to be caught in the same twisted conspiracy that ended his life. {Cover made by my best friend Yealin Park! Love you so much girl!}


Mystery, Romance, Drama



over 4 years ago Janet said:

This has definately potential! Your writing style is very good. You build sentences, give descriptions and just enough hints about the character to make this story flow. The suspense was built up well and from the first chapter I gleaned a good idea of the atmosphere of this story, which is a hard thing to accomplish. I am not really into the crime/thriller genre (and this was quite dramatic), but this drew me in (I'll be reading more later). I was reading a paperback earlier, and somehow I found myself comparing your writing with it. That does mean something ;) I think, with experience, you might become really amazing...


over 4 years ago Olivia Gavilan said:

Hi, I read the first chapter, I have to go to bed now but it looks really good, rather creepy, and I will read more tomorrow.


over 4 years ago HayHay Ratigan said:

OMG! I loved it! Fantastic job!!


almost 5 years ago Suzanne Zuckerman said:

@Sherlock Holmes Jr Thank you! I actually used photoshop!



over 4 years ago Dreamless Nights said:

Hi! I think that I might break up my reviews into parts because you have 18 chapters in total which is a rather amazing feat. Anyway you've built up a brilliant atmosphere from the first chapter and your descriptions are really good but I feel that you should perhaps clarify the jump from the end of chapter 1 to Chapter 2 where she is standing in front of Jasper and why did she scream, was it because of her excitement to see Jasper. After when Jasper refuses to talk to her you should perhaps put i something like this. yo clarify that is; "instead of even bothering with a response, he grabbed my arm instead pulling me along with him silently and for the life of me I didn't know why he wouldn't speak." Chapter 3, there's only two thing i want to say. One, thing 1 and Thing 2 seems a bit cliche but that's okay we all use cliche things at one point or another and instead of straight you wrote strait at one point. That's it for now , I'll do the rest later I hope that's okay.


over 4 years ago Christa Seeley said:

I read the first two chapters but I will definitely be back for more! Great job setting the atmosphere and tone of the story! The opening sequence gave me the shivers. I also really liked the way you introduced other characters in the second chapter. You mention something distinctive about each one that make them easy to remember, rather than dumping them all on the reader at once. My one comment would be to watch for unecessary adverbs or descriptors. Things like 'blue colored' - you don't need the colored. Great work!