Steel Walls Don't Burn (In progress)

Steel Walls Don't Burn (In progress)

2 chapters / 533 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


"My mouth dropped open in shock--when had the zombies gotten behind me?--but before I could so much as say "shit" again, the zombie in front of me shoved me to the ground where my head smacked painfully against the unforgiving earth."

Cover made by Katie Holland.



almost 5 years ago Jasmine q. Lee said:

I liked it. Actually. Although zombies arent usually my thing. I guess it was your writing. It was fantastic and I loved the voice in her head as well as your word choice. Such as "rebelled" for the leg and the thoughts she had about saving a bullet. The ending was also well written and I liked how you captured her slight struggle with unconsciousness. Nice start



almost 5 years ago A. E. Knight said:

This is a great beginning to an intriguing story. I really like the action and the danger. I liked the opening line because it gave the mind something to think about. How the main character thought of the zombies in such a normal way, like they were no more unusual than a starfish. That's just my opinion, anyways. I enjoyed it all and I can't wait to read more! Zombie stories are great and it's hard to find a book that seems so professional as this one. I'm interested in seeing where the main character is, and who the main character is. Great job. Cheers! -A. E. Knight


almost 5 years ago Parfait said:

I don't see how they're like starfish just because more appear after one is killed. Why can the protagonist hear her dead friend's voice? Is she crazy? Is that her guardian angel? What happened to her dead friend? I feel like you spoiled the story with the summary under your name :( Good job, keep writing.