Long Live

Long Live

1 chapter / 3798 words

Approximately 19 minutes to read


A story inspired by Taylor Swift's song "Long Live". The lyrics are written in with the story to make it easier to follow along with the song. This is just what the song means to me, and what I think of when I hear it.



about 5 years ago Emmy Grace said:

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL... What else can I say??? I love the mix of fantasy and reality... totally magical! I wish the song was longer :)


about 5 years ago Cindy Zelmore said:

Interesting take on the song, my friends and I often associate it with performing in a musical, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the song taken to a fantasy story. :)


about 5 years ago ☾ Saraya ☾ said:

I LOVE THIS...I love Taylor, and this is one of my favorite songs.


over 6 years ago caroline was here said:

LOVE this song....huge Taylor Swift fan. I'm writing about You Belong With Me right now...I know...original...



about 5 years ago Skye Garant said:

well i love the way how you envisioned the song as in retrospect i always figured it was people being elected as prom king and queen but you took this further and made them real kings and queens a very unique twist i really liked it