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A notorious criminal is put to death with a promise that he will return.



over 3 years ago Ash Tokyo said:

Whoa, that was eerie. I love this whole dismal and hopeless atmosphere you've created with the dank prison cell and James' bitterness at his predicament. I think you captured his feelings to a tee. Other people would usually write a prisoner as grovelling or really upset, but I feel that making him angry was a much better bet because I really felt sympathy for him.

Also, I just loved his character as a whole, he was so strong and unafraid the entire time especially his final statement. I think he threw everybody else off, because they all expected him to be scared.

Well done and happy writing! :)


over 4 years ago D. Claire said:

Oh dear. O.O That gave me chills. Oooo that was so good! You set the mood really well


over 4 years ago Maranda.j. Williams said:

Whoa creepy and very well written , great job :).


over 4 years ago Kylie said:

Really cool!! You write well, and I really enjoyed this!!!! Very creepy too! Keep writing! Thanks for the swap and you have an awesome last name then! :)


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