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Credit for the AMAZING cover goes to Behind Sapphire Eyes. This poem is based off of a mistake that I made last year. I still regret it to this day.... If you comment on it then PLEASE be nice!


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Wynter nicolette (husky)

over 4 years ago Wynter Nicolette said:

That was amazing, and sorry for not getting on sooner to your request, I was busy with something else. It was amazing and I loved it!!!!


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almost 5 years ago Hillary Holloway said:

You are a very good poet.


almost 5 years ago Winter Memories said:

I loved this! I think partly because this was just written beautifully and with raw emotion and I can also relate to this. I loved it!

Sara b

almost 5 years ago schmem said:

Wow... I love the raw emotion in this and the way the reader can totally connect to this feeling. I can feel a bond with the speaker of this poem just in the thirty seconds it took to read this. Beautiful job!



almost 5 years ago Mariah Ramsey said:

It was beautifully tragic. I really liked how you captured the emotions and made the reader feel them. It was very well written and thought out. I quite liked it. :D


almost 5 years ago Rebekah Martinez said:

I like this poem. It truly does capture the pain you were feeling at the time, which is not always such as easy feat. So keep up the good work! I will definitely give you that heart you wanted!