Fading (contest version)

Fading (contest version)

1 chapter / 500 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


**For the James Patterson "The Kiss" short story contest about a love no one approves of**

Yeah, this one is only still on here because I love all the comments

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about 4 years ago CrazyCana said:

I loved loved loved it all. It was amazing. Seriously, I would do a review, but I can't find anything wrong with it!


over 4 years ago FallingForever said:

Awe. :( I hope they stay together! That would be depressing if they had to split. Anyways this was amazing.! Glad to see you wrote more to it. I'll check it out at a later time!


over 4 years ago Jenna Rose said:

That was awesome! i really loved it!


over 4 years ago Jayleena Weston said:

Well. That's depressing.

It's beautifullly written, though. I love it. The storyline, from what I can tell, is simple, but at the same time it could easily be turned very complex. You could probably get a novella out of it. :)




11 months ago Holly Short said:

It was really great! You could definently write more... soon... please.. *hint hint*. :) Like someone else said, I would say just to add more dialogue and show how they're feeling instead of just telling how they're feeling. Keep writing! It was really great!


over 4 years ago Sixten Stitches said:

this was quite good, however you didn't describe much of what is going on i found there was a bit of confusion all the way through the piece, if you could clarify some of the info it'd make the piece go much more smoothly. It is a good idea , it just needs a bit of polishing other than that it was good.