The Doctor's Daughter

The Doctor's Daughter

4 chapters / 1196 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


The Doctor's daughter tries to find the Doctor but gets a crazy adventure!



over 4 years ago V.ROSE said:

I liked this piece , it was written very good.


over 4 years ago Summer Carter said:

I love this! I don't really know doctor who but the story was easy to follow and flowed well. The word choice was smart and the story line was great. Loved it ^.^


over 4 years ago americangirlemmie said:

Fantastic! Very nice. I'm really glad you continued on Jenny's story, as not very many people have.


over 4 years ago Lauren Wiseman said:

That is awesome! I love it! I personally have not seen the Jenny episode (sob) but I definitely think this was fantastic! No grammatical errors, great dialogue. Excellent use in capturing the spirit of the show. Best of luck!



over 4 years ago Madi DiMercurio said:

I really liked this. It flowed nicely. And I really liked how she ended up finding her father. At the end I wanted to know more about why she died all of the sudden in his arms, and about this box called TARDIS.Adding a little more of those two things would make it a better story. Over all I loved what you have.


over 4 years ago Jaime said:

I like the idea you have going with this because I myself am curious as to what happened to Jenny. :) I adored that episode and love how you made her character in this. I wish it could be longer, but since it's for the contest I know it has to stay short.

However, one thing I do want to point out is if she meets Martha, which I assume is Martha Jones (the woman who walked the earth/companion of the tenth doctor in season three), Martha actually met Jenny. She was present in the episode Jenny is in. That might be tricky and not necessarily go with the Doctor Who story line. I suppose it is fanfiction so anything goes though.

I thought I would point that out and let you know the rest of it was great. I have always thought it would be interesting to see if Jenny and River ever met and had an adventure. :)