The Nerd and The Toker

The Nerd and The Toker

7 chapters / 5260 words

Approximately 26 minutes to read


Lucero is a nerd. Having ADHD, gets her distracted all the time and enough energy to power a tank engine. She's your average anime, movie, disney, book nerd. Good with other things except school.
Tomas is a Drug Addict. But he prefers the term Toker. Problems are what his wolrd is made of. When Tomas steps into Luceros world. Everyhting changes. For better? Or worse?


Comedy, Drama, Romance



over 2 years ago writer said:

Oh no you can't leave me hanging like that, pleeeeeaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeee update this sooooooooon.


over 2 years ago writer said:

Chapter 2 was the funniest so far, omg


over 4 years ago Andrea Schweitzer said:

When r u going to update this story


over 4 years ago Little Amy said:

Cute :D



over 1 year ago Ember said:

Why did you choose to make those particular backgrounds for the character, I'm not judging, I'm just confused, an ADHD nerd falling for a drug addicted popular bad boy. How did Tomas become addicted to drugs and why? How bad is Lucero's ADHD, you should add more details. Keep up the good work! ;)