1 chapter / 251 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


The letter Allison writes to her boyfriend Peter, who has come back from the dead.( A novel version of this story will be available soon.



almost 5 years ago Lavender Lynette said:

a really creative contest entry! I liked this. good luck!

Sky looking bride

almost 5 years ago Sade Harlem said:

Hey. I like the piece and hope you do well in the contest. My only critique would be that you used "pale" three times, and it seems redundant. Try to mix up your descriptive word choices for a better flow. Happy to see you're on figment! :)


almost 5 years ago Rose said:

All of your descriptions are so vivid. This is truly a beautiful piece. Its eerie, yet lovely at the same time. Good luck in the contest!


almost 5 years ago Remi Chan said:

wow this is beautiful! great job!



almost 5 years ago Amanda Persico said:

I like the emotions, it feels like I'm watching all of this happen. Keep writing!!!!!!!! and you can read anything of mine.

Thank you