Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

1 chapter / 239 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Writing, Romance, Poetry




over 4 years ago Sour apple said:

Okay, I've read a LOT of romance poems, so I thought I'd be worn out for this, but when I read it, I found that it wasn't the average corny romance poem, this is a poem with a hint of mystery, and who doesnt love a rudolph reference?


over 4 years ago Amelia said:

Very sweet, unique enough not to be overly romantic, but loving enough to make me smile (all I did while reading this by the way). My favorite part was the theme of silver and gold and untold riches through out. It really gave a special feeling to hidden love, unexpected and sweet.


almost 5 years ago Amy Ong said:

I love this. There's so much emotion and symbolism. Incredible

almost 5 years ago Jennifer Mobley said:

Amazing poem :)



over 4 years ago ST said:

I agree with Jessica L. The rhyming seems forced as if you're trying to "do" poetry and to "do" it requires rhyming. If you are not having a regular meter (which I often don't include in my poetry either) then avoid relying on rhyming at the ends of lines. Just be sure your poem flows smoothly, is full of imagery, and repeats the central theme often enough for the reader. Good luck!