How Do I Feel Right Now?

How Do I Feel Right Now?

1 chapter / 77 words

Approximately half a minute to read


I was just thinking that I should write something, so I did. Any comments and stuff would be appreciated!


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over 6 years ago J. said:

I liked this a lot. The details you use were really interesting and new. It flowed well and I agree, that last stanza, especially the last line. It made me laugh for some reason. XD


over 6 years ago Dreaming Wishes said:

this is wonderful. Very and positively wonderful. I love the last stanza.


over 6 years ago ✩ Alexandra B said:

I love the last stanza. That was such a perfect ending. I love all of the things you feel like. I've noticed that you tend to rhyme in poems, and I would like to see you write something without rhyming. It's a lot more free and I think you could make something really beautiful. :) Great job!! :D


over 6 years ago Hannah Clove said:

Beautiful flow, almost light and puffy, if that makes sense. You have a lot of talent!!


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