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I was humming that one song that goes "You are the only exception..." and then I started making up more stuff to go along with it, so yup. Actually, for randomly coming out of my head, I think it's pretty good.;)


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about 5 years ago Amanda Hunter said:

That was so cute, Ana.


about 5 years ago DJC said:

I quite like that song! As for this poem, this is great too! There are a few lines I preferred over others, like some seemed a little more forced, such as the sin line, but it still works! It flows well and I enjoyed it! :) Great job Ana!


over 6 years ago Carolyn Fisher said:

that was brilliant. and beautiful. and full of rage and love and EMOTION and just JEEZ ITS AMAZING


over 6 years ago Haley Jo said:

I like that it rhymed and flowed.... But i can't say that I enjoyed reading this. I read some other comments though and other people really liked it, so don't pay attention to this. Sorry....



about 5 years ago Ali Kelley said:

I really liked. Your great writer and this poem is extremly relateble. I loved it keep up your writing!


over 6 years ago Kayleena Quesada said:

This was beautiful! I'm at a loss for words! I completely related and loved it.