Sisters With a Secret

Sisters With a Secret

6 chapters / 4187 words

Approximately 21 minutes to read


Fantasy, Thriller




about 5 years ago Juliet Gordanier said:

wow this is amazing so far you have to keep going on it pleze tell me when you rite more


over 6 years ago NotAnna said:

!!!!!!!! :) !!!!!!!!! OMYGOODNESS! You are going to make me have a heart attack! Thank you so much for telling me you'd updated this... Did you change your username then? Because I WAS following you... So now I have to follow THIS you... *sigh* Well, I'm glad I found you again! (well, you found me...)


over 6 years ago NotAnna said:

I have ideas as to where this is going! SO exciting...


over 6 years ago D. Claire said:

This is great! I loved the drama you invoked with the short few two chapters. Lovely!



over 6 years ago Rinske Roeleveld said:

The Kiss of Life

I got to admit, the first sentence lured me in. ‘He’s human.’ Fascinating. Let’s start!


I think the letter is writing in a way to funny style to be taken this seriously. It’s not bad, but it could be better.

The New Side of an Old Friend

‘Gabs, advise Fiona that, Drew Baker, would never want to date her.’ Don’t think the commas separating Drew Baker from the rest of the sentence are completely necessary.

I don’t really get what happened to Jazmyn. I do know it seems like Gabriella is overreacting, but she could also simply be very emotional.

Oh, exciting? I wonder if she’s okay.

Ah, I can’t read the next chapter yet. Too bad.