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This is my version of the Norse myth of Fenris, or Fenrir.

For those unfamiliar with the original story, it basically goes like this:
Fenris is a giant wolf, the son of Loki (god of mischief). When he was a puppy, every god loved him, but when he got older, bigger, and scarier, the gods decided to chain him up. The dwarfs forged a great chain made out of all sorts of impossible substances, like the miaow of a cat and the roots of a mountain. Fenris agreed to be chained if one god would put their hand in his mouth. Tyr, god of war, did and Fenris bit his hand off. They chained the wolf up, and he is to remain in chains until the end of the world, when he will break free and wreak havoc once more.


Mad hatter

over 5 years ago Ratcliff said:

I remember the tale different to your original story. Loki and three children, Fenrir, hel, and another, serpent child who i only can remeber killed Thor during ragnarok. However, when Odin discovered these three children he got rid of all three of them immediately. Throwing the serpent into the ocean, where it grew so big it bit its own tail, he threw hel in the underworld to guard the dead. And he trusted Fenrir, and when he posed a threat as he grew so big and so strong, they tricked him into chains. But, being Loki's child, he was never trusted or liked.


over 5 years ago Jennessa Bennett said:

Wow! I know the myth but reading that is a unique take on it. Well done!


almost 7 years ago Jonah Max Greebel said:

I LOVE NORSE MYTHOLOGY. Great story. Are you familiar with the band Amon Amarth? I doubt you're into that genre (melodic death metal) but you should check them out. All of their songs are themed around Norse mythology.


almost 7 years ago None said:

I have always loved the tale of Fenris and this just added onto that. Thanks much for Fenris's side of the story!



almost 6 years ago NIU said:

Mythology is fun! :) I really liked this. Your POV doesn't seem 'new age' and very how I expect people from a myth to talk. I didn't find any errors, and I found it enjoyable. Great work! -Calyne


almost 7 years ago Heather Fails said:

It's really good, I love it! You really portrayed the myth well and gave him a perfect personality. I was hanging on to every word! Now for tiny mistake: - there is a "by" that I believe you meant to be a "my" - a sentence in the third chapter that may be unfinished (I don't know, it just sounded a little strange. It's closer to the end, I think.)

That may be it. Really great story.