Bad Boys

Bad Boys

1 chapter / 481 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Patterson Contest: Rick Madderston is the guy who helped raise her math grade to a D. He's the guy that no one approves of and she does not get it. It's not like she met him at some club or off the streets. Tonight, she is going on a date with him. Maya can't wait. Her parents could.



over 4 years ago Madison Fredette said:

You should keep going with this after the contest!


over 4 years ago Alison Graham said:

This was very well-written! Great job on it!


over 4 years ago Amaryliss White said:

Cute story. :) I enjoyed the simple romance in this, rather than the tragic kind. One note I have is that "handsome" and "beautiful" are basically the same thing, so unless you were intentionally repeating the same thing, I'd cut one of them out. :) Great job!


over 4 years ago Claire Lautman said:

Aww I really like this story, its really well written and just kinda true! I think most will be able to relate in some way if not the crush on the guy, the protective father. :) I really like the way this is written :) good job xx



almost 5 years ago Eowyn Brianna Sodan said:

Haha, sounds like my dad.. Now about the story. Very well written, I liked reading it. I don't know if you have heard of hush hush, well your story reminded me of it.. Great job, hope you wright more! :D