Drama Queen: Ballet Blog #3 ✓

Drama Queen: Ballet Blog #3 ✓

32 chapters / 56881 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Completed. Link for sequel below.

The complicated life at Ever's dance studio suddenly becomes even more complex. The ties between friends and enemies are all twisted up, and a new dancer threatens Riley's place in the studio. And with the spring production coming up...things just aren't going well. Ever thought she knew her place at the studio. After all, she came here to dance, and that's all. But the prospect of success pulls her in, and soon enough she's as swept up into the competition as everyone else. As she and Paige battle for the lead in the spring ballet, she finds herself in the center of all the drama she was trying to avoid. Why can't everyone just get along?
Shove the newbie into the spotlight, push the seasoned veteran aside, and see if you don't get one angry drama queen.
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THIRD DRAFT STARTED 7/5/13 | FINISHED 7/29/13 | Hit the 10,000 word mark 7/9/13. Hit the 20,000 word mark 7/16/13. Hit the 30,0000 word mark 7/18/13. Hit the 40,000 word mark 7/19/13. Hit the 50,000 word mark 7/23/13.


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almost 2 years ago Larissa Caputo said:

I successfully finished this in a day!! However, the end did make me want to scream a little.


over 2 years ago Summer said:

Holy cow, 24 days? That's incredible. I'm enjoying this series so much that I'm reading a book a day xD Thanks for taking over my summer with your Ballet Blog Series!

I was expecting Ever and Riley to get back together in this book, but I guess I'll have to wait. At least Ever gets to be Aurora in the upcoming ballet! I was secretly rooting for Carter when he pushed Paige. That was mean, but hey, someone had to step up and put Paige in her place :P Maybe Carter will get kicked out of Ambler for good.


almost 3 years ago Jennie F. Lee said:

Hey Selena! So I finished this in about 2-3 hours ish:) WOWWWWWW. I have no words for your dedication to this series LOLLL. Good job!:) I think my favorite characters so far are Ever, Riley, Lauren, Paige, and Carter :P (no specific order lol). Your scenes with Ever and Riley are so sweet, and I really like Lauren for some reason. I guess I like Paige and Carter because I'm hoping deep down under that mean attitude of their's lives a heart LOLLL (I felt so bad for Paige though when Carter broke her ankle). You definitely left me at a cliffhanger too, I will definitely read the next book when I have time. Good job!:)


almost 4 years ago Jo said:

Cliff hanger! If it weren't this late of an hour I'd be all over the next one... But it's late and I need to sleep! Maybe just the first chapter? Haha. As usual, loved it.


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almost 4 years ago Cat Rycerz said:

Ch 5

Ooh, I like this beginning scene a whole lot! I can actually see Ever roll out of bed and slug on over to her phone in a grumpy rage, perk up when she realizes it's Riley, and how hopeful she gets when he says he might come back. It just make for such a visually entertaining scene.

"Whoop de doo". Usually, I'm not a fan of these almost conversational lines in stories, but I gotta admit this one made me smile.

This is mostly preference, but I like to see descriptions of a character when that description makes a bigger point. The part with Mrs. Ava trying to make her "short stature seem anymore intimidating" is a perfect example of this, while the parts with her hair, eyes and build makes a little less sense. It feels like it was thrown in there simply because you had described her height.

"...she was using she height..." I think that's supposed to be "her height"? Similarly, "...the tone that she was used to being..." I don't quite know what "used" is supposed to be, or if that's intentional, but that doesn't seem like the right word. As well, "18 in." is throwing me off. Is that a ballet term?

You're definitely taking more advantage of the scenes with Lauren, the teacher, and Ever. Some concern on Ever's part was something I mentioned earlier, and I'm glad to see it more obvious here. I would say that you could add more, but I have this feeling all of this is building to something...~

Can I just say as well that I love this atmosphere you've set up? It's "crabbiness" is well-supported by the storm outside and inside the mind of our lead. The scene with Lauren and Paige makes it even stronger, and what's great is these aren't just random pieces in the story; they all play an important part in creating the atmosphere, and helps support Ever's near breakdown in the bathroom. Which, might I add, made me feel as terrible as she! I know just how it feels to dread the hours ahead, and I'm really happy you've brought in this very real and relatable element into the story.

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about 4 years ago Cat Rycerz said:

Ch 4

Honestly, the only thing I noticed was this: "...fill in for Paige. Mrs. Princeton..." I think that's supposed to be a . and not a ,

But aside from that, this actually felt like it was taken directly out of a book! I don't mean for this to sound lazy, but this part had good pacing, nice character interactions that told more of the story than they did, cute scenes like the cookie bit that served an ultimate purpose, and it all flowed together so nicely. There was just enough sensual imagery to get the background across, and nothing was just straight out told to me unless it was part of a normal, everyday conversation. No forced exposition or emotions, nothing out of the ordinary with characters and their personalities; even though not a lot happens in this particular part, it's very strong and well done. I found myself unable to even tear away to write that one note of mine; I was really that immersed!