R+J Forever

R+J Forever

9 chapters / 6535 words

Approximately 33 minutes to read


What would you die for?
A supernatural romance, inspired by Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and a bit by Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott." Comment, review, heart!
Also, thank you to Nina Zand for the cover! Isn't it epic??



over 6 years ago Kacii said:

interesting. i read up to chapter six. it was osrt of rushed... but very good.


over 6 years ago Destiny Mangini said:

I really liked this story. It's so unique, and a nice twist on Romeo & Juliet. You should add more. Soon. :D I hearted, and I've followed you. I need MORE! :3

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over 6 years ago Kappa said:

This is gpfantastic! And funny. :) Please please please continue!


over 6 years ago Kaylin Arrowin said:

That was cute. A different take on Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella (Evil bitch of a step-mother). I liked it a lot. :3


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over 6 years ago Brady Banana-Neck said:

I like this one so far. Lily is an amusing character to read. I'm not sure if you did it on purpose, but the names Lily "Ember"sen and Micheal "Ash" are names that are connected by a "flame" if you know what I mean :D

Anyway, you should probably think about adding more sensory and action details, like what did her yard look like? Was it large and filled with thousands of flowers that would put to shame the brilliance of the sun? (dang, that one was good)

And maybe think about adding things that can describe what the characters are doing, like maybe say for when you put the pillow over Gabe's face, say "I knew where this was going, so I grabbed the nearest pillow and trusted it into his face

I liked it a lot so far and I hope you finish this. You got a follower out of me!


over 6 years ago Lacey Adams said:

I love Romeo and Juliet- this put a nice spin on it- i love fantasy so the angels and things in this story only made me love this more! I like the religiousness of it- it's really good! I loved the movei R+j and this only made me feel for them more!