The Pocketwatch

The Pocketwatch

1 chapter / 469 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


The story of a girl who losses her Mom. This is for a Figmentation contest!



over 4 years ago Alex M. Stache said:

Just so sad. It broke my heart with the line count the hours... Amazing job!


over 4 years ago FlamingUnicornOfDeath>:D said:

That is really heart breaking! It was beautifully written. I really loved it. You did a good job.

Looking for the doctor

almost 5 years ago Naturesnest said:

That was really good. I saw that picture and wasn't sure how someone could make a story out of it but there is always a way! ^_^ I loved it!


almost 5 years ago Doan Nguyen said:

that was a really beautiful and heart breaking story ): loved the idea!the pocketwatch was a gorgeous touch!


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