Prince Charming: Ballet Blog #4 ✓

Prince Charming: Ballet Blog #4 ✓

31 chapters / 55446 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Completed. Link for sequel below.

The spring production is weeks away, and Ever is panicking. Her enemy and the rightful Aurora is out with a dance injury, and her ex-boyfriend is assigned to the lead of Prince. That leaves Ever to step in and take Paige's place as Aurora--even if it means dancing with Riley. Not to mention, the competitive ties between everyone in the studio tighten now that the Clique has broken and Riley is single. And opening night goes nothing like Ever expects. Before she knows it, she finds herself questioning every decision she's made since she arrived at the studio. There's one thing that's for certain. There's no turning back now.
When the curtain goes up, who will be the one to break and who will be the one to shine?
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THIRD DRAFT STARTED 7/30/13 | COMPLETED 8/17/13. Hit the 10,000 word mark 8/2/13. Hit the 20,000 word mark 8/8/13. Hit the 30,000 word mark 8/12/13. Hit the 40,000 word mark 8/14/13. Hit the 50,000 word mark 8/17/13.



almost 2 years ago Izzy Carter said:

I KNEW it! I just KNEW Riley was going to really kiss Ever in that scene! Right now I'm begging him not to- because I think it's mean to distract Ever from her dancing. If something went wrong because she was distracted and troubled by the kiss, she'd be devastated! Anyway- I'm off to the next book to see what happens :D


over 2 years ago Summer said:

Another fantastic book! I think each story in the Ballet Blog series is better than the one before it. I had a feeling about Riley's plan to secretly kiss Ever when he first started scheming, and I knew it had to be true when he told Ever which lip gloss to wear! I can't wait to find out her reaction when they kiss :D They better get together as a couple in the next book!


almost 3 years ago Jennie F. Lee said:

Hey! Lol so I finished this book, woot woot! XD Anyways I totally saw the ending coming ;D Still love the scenes with Riley and Ever. I like Paige and Carter more too XDDD I'll read the next story when I have time. Good job!:)


over 3 years ago Melissa Wilson said:

I cannot get over these stories. You have captured the dance world perfectly!



over 4 years ago Fallon <3 said:

I read the first 3 chapters,and I like it. It's a little too straightforward for my tastes,I would like if you could spend a little more time describing everything and focusing on the details a teeny bit more. It seemed a little bit like things were being stated in some parts,and I think there were a few grammatical/spelling errors,but no one's perfect,right? Proof read it maybe when you're done with it,and try to describe things a little more,and it'll be awesome. :)


over 4 years ago Gill Elise said:

I read most of Blog #4 and I thought it was very good! I think that you have great potential as a writer, and the only things I would say are picky little things I think that a few rereads and revisions would settle. Also, some spelling and grammatical errors that I'm sure you'll either pick up or that you've been reminded of already. I would just say: keep practicing writing, take classes and learn as much as you can because you have great potential! =)