Destined: Ballet Blog #5 ✓

Destined: Ballet Blog #5 ✓

32 chapters / 54698 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Completed. Link for sequel below.

Ever thought the performance would go smoothly, but she couldn't have been farther from the truth. At the worst possible time, everything suddenly blows up between her and the person she cares about most, and she's put to the ultimate test--with her dancing, and with her friendships. Not to mention, summer camp is only a short while away, and Ever is trying to wrap her mind around how to survive at an overnight camp with friends and enemies alike. It seems like the race to the top is coming to an end, and only a few can be destined for the life everyone dreams of.
It seems like the dancers at Ambler are in for disaster after disaster, and the ones that show weakness are pushed to the side faster than you can say "destined".
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Third draft STARTED 8/25/13 | FINISHED 12/30/13. Hit the 10,000 word mark 9/7/13. Hit the 20,000 word mark 9/22/13. Hit the 30,000 word mark 12/27/13. Hit the 40,000 word mark 12/28/13. Hit the 50,000 word mark 12/30/13.


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almost 2 years ago Larissa Caputo said:

I'm on chapter 22 and Becca is making me SO MAD right now!

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almost 2 years ago Larissa Caputo said:

Wow, how am I on number five already?


over 2 years ago Summer said:

Now I kind of get what you meant about having all my opinions changing. They totally are! Paige has become one of my new favorite characters, and Becca one of my least favorite. I'm so glad Riley and Ever are back together, and I'm excited what dancing at Maryland is going to bring them! I was literally smiling when I read the chapter about how Ever received a scholarship and moved up to level 9 on the same day. Awesome awesome awesome!


almost 3 years ago Jennie F. Lee said:

Hey! I finished this book too! XD I really like Paige now that she's nicer:) I'm sorry if I accidentally offend you or anything but I don't like Becca and Finn (I never liked Becca from the start, maybe because I thought there was something off about her :P). I LOVE the scenes with Carter (especially the ones with Carter, Ever, and Riley LOL XD). He needs to get a girlfriend :P I'm also starting to like Jordyn:) Anyways I'll comment again after I finish reading the next book:)


about 4 years ago B. Lanham said:

Just a few notes on the first chapter: you used the phrase about grabbing thoughts twice, and as it is a brilliant metaphory thing, really it should only be used once in the whole book! When riley ' admits ' he likes her, i think its pretty obvious already, so he could be slightly more sarcastic/ angry. I feel like he should feels that the kiss told her everything, why is she asking him to explain when he has, everyone else knows he likes her, why doesn't she? This is all in his head though, implied by anger/ snappines. evers reaction isn't, well, realistic, Riley just told her he likes her, its a flash of realisation, just a sentence or two to consider it. Mr Meyer-Love is quite patronizingly flirty, not what ever is going for. Anywho those were my thoughts, and im absolutely loving it so car, cannot wait to read the rest. B.


over 4 years ago Erika Beebe said:

Hi Selena, I finished Destined, Ballet Blog 5. My thoughts may be a bit out a sync since I haven't read the previous blogs, but then again, maybe I can point out a few different pieces too.

I'm starting with all the things I loved first. Your writing is very clean. There are few typos here and there, Riley’s name is misspelled once, and a couple of missing words, but you’ll catch those as you go back through it.

The characters. Awesome! I love every one of them. I’ve even found myself thinking about them these past couple of days, which I have to say, I’m reading a couple of YA books right now and I’m not thinking about those characters. ;0)

The storyline. I like it. I was a ballet dancer when I was younger. I like your mix of technical lingo as well. It works.

The plot. Here’s where I have a few thoughts, suggestions, and comments. Mostly adding more the suspense. Just sprinkled in a few more character clues.

APRIL 27… I LOVE opening with the kiss on stage. I think you should punch the setting a bit. Talk about the curtain, or the surroundings, something to let us know she’s actually on a stage and not in her bedroom, even though you say it, I want to see the scene, the details of the play. Not a whole lot, just a few nice little pieces.

Toward the end of the chapter, I’d love to see more suspense. Especially with the flowers. You can totally punch it up and let us know, conflict is coming. Does Ever get pricked by a thorn? Does she bleed? Does she drop a flower on the floor? Does one fall out? I see this a great place to add foreshadowing to the end of the story.

When the curtain rises at the end, I would love to something a hint of foreshadowing. Maybe something happens to the flowers. Maybe she pricks her finger and bleeds on her dress. She could see someone in the crowd, or the little girls says something odd.

I love this last line: We leave with only that moment…

April 29… We’re going through the motions at school practice, and about her confusion with Riley. I love the part with her bag when Riley says, you forgot to say good-bye to me. I’m wondering, if something is going to happen to the relationship, but we never tie in chapter one with chapter two, at least I didn’t pick up anything was going wrong in this section aside from Ever, sabotaging her own dreams.

April 30… I’m wondering in this chapter on their date if you can sprinkle in a little suspense, an old girlfriend or boyfriend, or someone either of them can be jealous about. Just a brief sighting, and a fleeting thought or a glance from one of the characters. Just to keep us wondering.

May 1… I’m wondering again, if we can get some evil vibes in here, some out of character glance at Ever from Jordyn, the kind that raises the hair on your arms and then you wonder if you really saw the look at all or were just dreaming. These sort of character teases might really create a huge page turner.

Another thought about foreshadowing here. What about adding a comparison in how she suddenly can’t make her turns with how she could do something else so well. I’d like to see Ever rattled and not understand. She keeps thinking everything is perfect, but hinting how it’s not. Maybe her form is the key.

We end with wrong…I’m not sure if you need this.

May 3… There’s a section where you describe the characters and I’d love to see flashback scenes so you show us. For example, Jordyn, stealing my shoes and wearing them outside. We all knew you never wore your ballet shoes anywhere but on the stage…Paige…when we first met, she always said yes, it was like she never had an independent thought for herself…following x along, doing whatever they told her to do…she even did x once…and I couldn’t believe it… …Riley…wow,

A question about a phrase: the line, “you’re nicer,” to Paige. I have a hard time how paige doesn't get upset. If it's a planned reaction, I’d like to see a real character reaction from Paige to show us something isn’t right here, more in line with her true nature. When Ever is reflecting on all the friendships a nice reminder of her location would help. I sort of lose her place in time. Question: can you be super smart at dance class…or super good at dance class…

Minor suggestion: Riley’s dark brown eyes looked up at me…I would say Riley looked up at me, his dark eyes huge with worry…

We end chapter five thinking something is off with all the friendships, yet in chapter six, there is no hint of it. I would add a shift for the worst…trouble with Becca? Trouble with someone she trusts?

May 6… Maybe at the start of this chapter, give us another touchy feel good moment. The movie was uneventful, but he held my hand the whole time, sending chills up my arms, with me curling my toes in my shoes so tight they fell asleep…

Mind game. LOVE THIS. I'm wondering though, should it bother her that no one defended her about the phone? Riley didn't say something snappy to support her. I think I would have been hurt. I’m wondering about Riley and if he doesn’t want to go to New York because of money? Maybe he would understand how expensive those shoes are and get ticked off…give me some emotion out of him. The Jordyn interaction: I’d love to see another link somehow to the shoes and Jordan being the culprit. Seems a little too transparent how Ever knows Jordyn did it and would Jordyn admit that? I think you should play this up more. I love how you end it with Becca thinking of dropping out.

Last Section I think you should start with a fear. What would make Becca want to drop out, because I would think this would devastate Ever. In this section, it’s hard to believe what’s happening with the newspaper and how Riley was in the news, but hasn’t decided. Maybe you can insert something about his father giving the reporter the information? Just seems like we’re missing something.

Finally, I LOVED your story! I love all the friendships and the especially the characters. You did an amazing job. And thank you for wanting my thoughts and suggestions. They are just my thoughts, and I hope I helped. Erika