Red Carpet: Ballet Blog #6 ✓

Red Carpet: Ballet Blog #6 ✓

31 chapters / 55677 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Completed. Link for sequel below.

Regardless of everything that's recently happened at The Ambler School of Dance, the dancers are sent off to dance camp at Maryland just as planned. Living with her best friends for seven weeks sounds exciting to Ever at first--but then she realizes that she'll also be forced to live with her enemies. And if there's one thing Ambler girls can't do, it's push aside their personal drama for the sake of dance.
There's a traitor among them, and whoever she is, she's determined to take Ever down and ruin every chance she ever had of success.
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over 2 years ago Summer said:

Maryland School of Dance was awesome! It was really cool to see the same characters dancing in a different place (and having slightly different drama). I knew it was Becca who framed Ever all along ;) But I can't believe Ever would tell Mr. Alabano it was Jordyn! What was she thinking? I love/hate how you always have a cliffhanger at the end of each book! xD


almost 3 years ago Jennie F. Lee said:

Hey Selena! I liked how you used a different setting for this book, it was a cool take:) Cliff hanger ending though, she said Jordyn instead of Becca, so I don't know how Ever is going to prove that it was Jordyn haha. Overall good story:) I'll read the next book when I have time.


over 3 years ago Aurora Sanders said:

(28) Jordyn is such a PRINCESS.

“I have never, ever, ever dropped a girl,” said Riley proudly. “Except once or twice. Mindy deserved it, and so did Paige, way back then.” Oh, Riles.

What?! Way to create a cliffhanger!

This series is such a guilty pleasure. So when's it gonna get published? XD


over 3 years ago Aurora Sanders said:

(27) "Why would I trust you?" The real question is why on earth Ever would be willing to forgive you, Becca...or even want things back the way they were.

“It’s actually sort of boring without all the drama you guys usually stir up,” I'm actually not surprised XD

I have a feeling McKinley will be important in the future...

Poor Draper family.


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