Rumors: Ballet Blog #7 ✓

Rumors: Ballet Blog #7 ✓

31 chapters / 55009 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Completed. Link for sequel below.

Ever may have figured out who framed her at the Maryland School of Dance summer intensive, but the aftermath is definitely still affecting her. As the end-of-intensive show nears, so does everyone's chances of gaining an audience with the esteemed Manhattan Ballet scouts, and even a space in their program. And when everything falls apart on show day, Ever is forced to evaluate what's really important, and if her dreams are worth everything she's been sacrificing for them.
What would you choose--the chance of a lifetime or your best friends?
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almost 2 years ago Larissa Caputo said:

I don't like the look of things with McKinley -.-


almost 2 years ago Izzy Carter said:

Ambler should be called school of Drama instead of school of Dance! Poor Ever, the drama never stops, does it?


over 2 years ago Summer said:

I think this is the most well-written book in the series so far! You make me wish I had stayed in dance so I could do all the beautiful arabesques and pirouettes that Ever and her friends do. I remember being a little girl in ballet wishing to fit in a pair of pointe shoes xD

The Maryland summer intensive was crazy, and I'm kind of glad it's over because I'm sick of Mrs. Boyle xD She was horrible! I can't wait for Ever and Riley to land another duet together in the next performance, and hopefully for Ever to land the lead over McKinley. It looks like she's going to be trouble...

And Carson! *squeals* Watch out, Riley, you've got competition! Book 8 is certainly going to be interesting.


almost 3 years ago Jennie F. Lee said:

Hey! I finished the book haha XDDD Anyways I liked it! XD I still don't like Becca :P Paige, Lauren, Riley, Ever, and Carter are awesome as always. McKinley though... no :P XD LOL she seems 'nice' on the outside but mean on the inside. Like I actually like Jordyn better than her HAHA! XDDD And this new Carson guy seems interesting so far, but I haven't seen much of him so I still like Riley and Ever



over 3 years ago Brooke Larson said:

Ok, so I read up to chapter five. I feel like at the beginning I was slightly lost, but that's probably because I haven't read the previous books. To be perfectly honest, though, it moved quite slow and was very predictable. I think also, perhaps you could elaborate more on the ballet itself? Maybe describe it more so the reader can be lost in it as I assume the characters are. Focus more on feelings and personalities so we really feel like we know and can connect with the characters. It's also slightly misleading, as it's not written like a blog as I expected it to be... By that I mean I imagined day-by-day descriptions like a diary.

Besides all that, it was well written spelling and grammar wise! I also think that the characters are extremely realistic for their age and setting, which is good! Keep it up!


over 3 years ago A.R. Ramirez said:

I only read the first chapter, so depending on what is after that my comments could be invalid. That being said, I do have some things I would like to address in your piece. First of all, I think you need to build up to the scene, make me care about Ever and help me understand her character. Maybe incorporate how much dancing means to her and what it means to be a dancer. Also, I think you should describe the stress she feels in this situation, bringing back what the scholarship means to her and other dancers. I had no idea she was stressed out in the first place until she said "she must be as stressed as I am". I think some of the word choice could definitely help out with conveying emotions. I would also like to address the lack of imagery in the story. Tell The reader what she sees, what the teacher looks like, what is in the rooms. Even describing how the chair she's sitting feels will help paint a picture in the readers head. Finally, I want to acknowledge that at the end of the chapter, I felt no inclination to continue reading. The problem was solved, the culprit was going home, case closed. For me there was no reason to continue on. This also stems from the lack of connection with the main character. Had I cared about her on the first place, I might have wanted to continue. Maybe, if there is going to be another sort of conflict, bring it into play before ending the chapter, give me a little cliff hanger. Find a way to make me stay, make me want to continue and find out what's happening. Overall, there is a lot to do, but a little bit of tweaking and editing will definitely set you on the right track. You have a good writing style, which isn't something that can really be taught, so let me know when or if you ever edit, I'd love to reread it and maybe give it a heart for you :) Happy writing! ~D