Infiltration: Ballet Blog #9 ★

Infiltration: Ballet Blog #9 ★

32 chapters / 46370 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


First draft in progress. 86% complete.

With a disastrous end to the prestigious Richmond Ballet Competition and a show with her ex on the horizon, Ever Avery is trying more than ever to focus solely on dance instead of all the drama that comes with it at Ambler. But when clues to unravel her ex-best friend's transformation emerge, Ever can't help but follow them. After all, she has the opportunity to finally figure out why Becca betrayed her so long ago and became the girl she is now.

But nothing at Ambler comes without a healthy dose of both drama and reality, and as Ever tries to mend friendships she finds herself pulling away from someone else she cares about deeply, all while becoming someone entirely new herself. How far is she even willing to stretch before she finally breaks and gives up entirely?

It's a tricky road to the life of her dreams, and of course she has to unravel all of the secrets along the way.
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Preview chapter posted 12/22/15. First draft started 6/6/16.



over 1 year ago Jennie F. Lee said:

Nice update! :) Lol when you mentioned Jordyn and Becca I was like "oh yeah I hate them" LOLL XDDD Idk I'm a little excited to see more Jordyn drama but I just don't like Becca :P XDDD Hehehe nice update! XD Still don't like Carson and still love Riley XDDD

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almost 2 years ago Larissa Caputo said:

Lol I don't know what to do with my life until the Ballet Blog is updated!


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