Dragon Amulet

Dragon Amulet

7 chapters / 6849 words

Approximately 34 minutes to read


Anamika thought she was a normal girl, but at the age of 16 she finds out that she is the 'holder' of the dragon amulet and that she is the descendent of Sorcerer Hamora. Dragon, a black firing dragon, is chosen as Ana's protector. They both hate and distrust each other. Many difficulties come there way as they try to find a way to destroy the amulet for good. What they don't know about the amulet is worse to come.


Dragon girl

over 3 years ago Violet Nightshade said:

Please post more


over 3 years ago Diamond Bling Bling Girl said:

Amazing! I love the plot and the characters. Dragons have been my favorite creatures of mythology, so extra bonus points. I'm confused why the dragon would swear, since dragons are noble, but I guess because either he got it from humans or he is just a swearing type dragon. Also im not clear on that the dragon can shape shift from human to dragon? I hope this will be explained more in further chapters to come. I really do hope you write more soon.


over 4 years ago Michelle said:

Awesome story


over 4 years ago Kayla Thaler said:

I read some of it but not all. First off, this is really good. I'm not a huge fan of dragons but this was interesting. I love the title and cover of this. The beginning was hooking which is good. I enjoyed reading this. There are some grammar errors but if you read through or have someone else edit it, it can be fixed. I mean, we all have grammar mistakes. Great job on this!



over 4 years ago Leann Parker said:

My thoughts in chronological order:

The concept is interesting. I like the bits of natural selection/evolution/adaption that happens when the dragons throw off the food chain that works very well- the whole setting feels so unnatural to us, yet it is natural because that's what would happen.

The pace feels a bit rushed. You have a good understanding of cause and effect, with the food chain and kids' upbringing on their schoolwork, but the cause is rushed over to get to the effect. dwell a bit more on the past and give us a few more details on the whys.

"I wait, but when my teacher (had not spoken,) I turned to her."

He was "staring," not "starring."

It's strange to hear dragon tales in valley girl lol. We get accustomed to it, but there are several cliche lines thrown out. Rule of thumb- if the readers have heard it before, make the line something they never have. Either give it a twist or put something new. Also, the show-dont-tell rule will be in your favor as well, by rather than having the characters say they're stress say their shoulders felt ten pounds heavier or something.

The ending was great. Hit bullseye. *starring a gold star on it :)*


over 4 years ago Annabell Callmen said:

Hey there girl, sad to say that I could only read half of it as my boyfriend told to me to go to bed, but I love the story so fare and I love it!! I hope some day this comes out into a book and you becoming famous for it ^^

P.S this is your real bff in real life ;D if you forgot my nickname on here.

Well love you girly, and I shall read more tomorrow :3