1 chapter / 1495 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


A star in the heavens falls in love. *Was for a contest.*



almost 3 years ago Maryam Khan said:

Wow! Where da hell do u get the ideas?! It is so unique, rare but a classic at the same time! I love it! Woah, I got a bit over-excited:D Love the plot line!

Figment profo

almost 4 years ago Julia Warner said:

I love this! The idea of the Elyn watching over the world, controlling lives by controlling time... it's so interesting and unique. I want to know more about Deirdre and the soldier she loves. You should really think about continuing this.


over 4 years ago Marie Weller said:

I kind of feel like crying, but I don't know why...This was very good, very imaginative. I really felt for the main character. I also loved the little details in the beginning!!


over 4 years ago Spandana Myneni said:

Oh, this was too cool! I loved all your little images, and your main character--how empathetic she was, and yet so naive. I really felt for her. I'm a little worried for her at the end, too--will this man be good for her? I don't know! It almost seems like he would use her, just like her father warned. Interesting!



about 4 years ago Kath L. said:

Honestly, I wasn't expecting this when I opened your story. It's magnificent! You keep your descriptions to a minimum, which I think allows the reader to create a scenery that appeals to them personally, Arthur than being forced upon an image they might not like. so that's good! Moving on, I also like how you have portrayed Deirde's personality. It's also very fitting that she'd fall in love with a solider, of all humans, even thought I would not have thought of that myself. Lastly, if you made your own cover: Nice work, although she looks more like a ballerina than a star, to me. but that's not the most important thing here :). I also like the open and still closed ending. You could easily pick up the story weer you left off if you wanted to. But it also feels rounded and complete. All in all: wonderful short story you have here!