4 chapters / 505 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


A collection of poems with the running motif of poppies, the red-petaled opiate flower. Inspired by Namesake, a webcomic by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton.


Writing, Fantasy, Poetry



over 4 years ago Mrs. Darcy said:

Sooooo sorry for being late in our swap. Forgive me.

But now that I am here, I have very little to say--b/c the poems were just so lovely! I love the description of the sap in the first poem and the accurate adjectives you use continuously! It's brilliant; you're so good with imagery. Thank you so much for letting me read your poems. :)


over 4 years ago Ava2121 said:

Whoa, if only my vocabulary was that lovely! Absolutely amazing, I love the concept you have. But if I might add, proofread. It helps a lot with nipping those pesky errors in the butt!


over 4 years ago witchcult lamb said:

"The clock-faced man is watching through a lens in his far away tower"...I'm not quite sure why, but this particular line petrified me. The invoked emotion was strong, and your collection portrayed said emotion with such excellent, almost magical word choice. I personally do not write or read poems often, but I am awed by yours. Stunning.


over 4 years ago Amanda Tracey said:

This was beautiful! I wish I could write poetry like you. You have such a great talent with words. Keep writing!



over 4 years ago K T Hoffman said:

Your rhyming worked very well--I often read poetry with forced rhyming, but yours was rhythmic and natural. Well done!

There were a couple of lines where the rhythm wasn't as smooth as elsewhere (for example, in the third chapter, there was a line that said "are used," and I think it would sound more natural if you just said "used"), but overall it flowed very well and was easy to enjoy.

I especially enjoyed "Death," "Peace," and "Phantasmagoria." Very enjoyable poetry here!


over 4 years ago Briana Grenert said:

I really liked your word choice! Especially your used of phantasmagoria (it is one of my favorite words). I also felt that your word choice made the story come to life. I enjoyed reading this!