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about 6 years ago Jay Bird said:

You have an amazing talent! I loved how you feel like you know the characters!


about 6 years ago Flynn Karter said:

I loved this so much and was sad when I reached the end. I'm dying to know what happens next. I hope you continue writing this story!

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about 6 years ago Known Nobody said:

Okay, I really like the idea. Its really original! And its written quite well! I love the idea that its not what there supposed to do as little kids, and the coloring scene is great. GREAT JOB.


over 6 years ago Alexandra Wimberley said:

Majorly cool! I love how strange and different this POV is, from the view of a kid, but a really odd one. Reminds me of Katie Towell's "Childrin R Skary" animations!



over 6 years ago Karla Angoline R. said:

This is so intruiging! It seems almost like a very twisted mash up of Hansel and Gretel and Oliver- only very very twisted. xD I was a little confused as the setting, and the age of the children. Would I be incorrect to assume that the speaker (for I don't think you mentioned her name,) was the older of the two? The only other thing I can think of is the ending, I wasn't sure just how or when they moved from the [asylum?] to wherever the ruffians took them. I was so sad to see there was no second chapter xD I can't wait to see more!

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almost 7 years ago Anna M. Watson said:

I really like the narration in this story. It's almost plural at times. It's from the girl's perspective, obviously, because she refers to herself as "I", but there are lots of times where she uses "we" or "us", as if she could read her brother's thoughts or something and knew exactly what he thought about everything even if she hadn't spoken to him. Very good job.