The Boy and the Fire

The Boy and the Fire

1 chapter / 1260 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Everyone wants Pip to stop playing with fire. Except for Pip.

Pronunciation: Rheidre : ree-druh


Writing, Fantasy, Romance



almost 4 years ago Max Johnson said:

Funny thing. I happen to have a short story of the same name. totally different of course, but, well anyway I read yours and I really like it! :) quite short, but well written and intriguing. I did wonder how Pip came to know about the meteorite being something she could eat, not exactly what most people would guess first, did she tell him somehow? but otherwise, nothing jarred, it all flowed, well done!


over 4 years ago Tadi Nagalu said:



over 4 years ago Ignorant-to-Life said:

Lol this was awesome! Could you read "After The Skaeac"?? I'd really appreciate any feedback I can get.


almost 5 years ago Stargirlzwriting said:

Beautiful! Absolutely stunning! I'm really glad this had a happy ending so the tears I cried were tears of joy. I really enjoy your writing and I have a feeling you've written more than you've posted on Figment because your skill is obvious. Thank you for reading my stories because if you hadn't I might not have found yours.



over 4 years ago Kait said:

I love this story. It's so cute, and sweet. I guess I'm a sucker for pure love stories, which is strange considering my horror story.

I enjoyed Rheidre's character very much, she was light and happy, and I appreciated she wasn't sullen or aggressive even though she'd been cursed. Pip was also a very engaging character, which is incredibly pleasing to my mind.

It was very fitting that a meteorite crashing into her fixed her curse, however I didn't fully understand why there were meteorites crashing down in the first place; I feel like that could have used a little more elaboration.

Oh, before I forget! No Room Service was a title that I just came up with, and I stuck with it. Due to the fact he resided in an abandoned hotel, and he always asked "would you like some tea?", I just thought it fitting.