The Color of Love

The Color of Love

2 chapters / 1553 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


*WINNER OF THE FIRST LOVE CONTEST* There is one rule you absolutely must follow: you never forget your first love and you never forget what it taught you.

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about 1 year ago MaxVor said:

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almost 4 years ago InfiniteWriter said:

I loved it! ^_^


over 4 years ago zuiver said:

this is great :) i love it. the colors and words all together are fabulous. i'm not gonna go through and correct grammar and stuff, cus you can do that from others' reviews, and there really aren't that many mistakes. you have a great voice, and i love your style :) it's not too cramped or wordy, and you don't overuse big words. i love that it's just about kids and crayons and how kids see the world and love other people :) you don't force anything, or make anything too dramatic, which is rare! great job- very well-written :)



about 3 years ago CookieBlarg said:

Wow... Beautiful. Amazingly- written and great insight on the real-world comparison.


over 4 years ago Shanav Mehta said:

So, I thought it was a good piece...short...but a good ending. I think this could be a really great prologue to a novel or a novella. Especially since you've described three things that she learned about love, which could use a lot of explanation and exploration. However - and I'm not really one to say much about love - but I found it slightly astonishing that a twelve year old girl was going through what could easily be described as teenage, or maybe even adult love. I also found the fact that she changed her perception of the colour blue, because of his eyes, a little vague. Maybe it could've been expanded upon a little. Again, this is my critique on the piece that you entered in the contest. Which brings me to my last point: the chapter division. This is just some advice, it's up to you to incorporate it: I really think you should put up the edited piece as the first chapter, so that the reader doesn't land up feeling that he's reading the same piece again (especially since the edited one comes second). Otherwise, a good piece of writing