Cinderella in Rainbow Knee-Hi's

Cinderella in Rainbow Knee-Hi's

6 chapters / 3201 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


This is a memoir of my Cinderella play. We perfomed it in May. It was my proudest moment! I was going to add the title to the cover but it covered up my face!!! Grrr!!! (Yes, that is me on the cover. A bad picture of me, though!)


Writing, Comedy, Memoir



almost 6 years ago Lilly Moore said:

This was really fun to read!

Thirty two

almost 6 years ago Coxswain After Christ said:

ooh! you have such a great, casual way of descirbing things that is so relaxing to read. great job! i want to hear more about the costumes though. Good job & God Bless


about 6 years ago Lucy Williams said:

Jen, I didn't know you like acting! I love it too! I'm already enjoying the story, and I'll be back to finish it.


over 6 years ago Maria said:

:D Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!


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