One More Dance

One More Dance

1 chapter / 510 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


My old entry for the contemporary contest. I don't usually write pieces like this but I like this one. Please comment and critique. Any and all advice appreciated! :)



over 3 years ago Laura-Style said:


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over 4 years ago Kristen Chocoholic said:

That was beautiful! Did you write that song?


over 5 years ago Scribbles said:

This has to be one of, if not the best piece of writing I've read on Figment. So far. It was amazing. You wrote it well, and with elegance. The description is spot on. You created a picture with words.

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over 5 years ago Wind said:

Great! I loved it. It was very sweet and understanding. Your descriptions were amazing! Keep writing!


over 5 years ago Jay Gee said:

I really liked this piece. It was full of imagery (

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about 6 years ago Grace Boleyn said:

this story is amazing and so beautiful! its not forced or fake, it's real emotions.