Tartar Sauce and The Paradox

Tartar Sauce and The Paradox

1 chapter / 577 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Based on a true story, about my first kiss. :)



over 6 years ago Joyce Von Turner said:

this was sooo freakin funny! i did enjoy it though and i have to say, u had a 1st kiss to tell the grandkids about! haha. i only wish that u had more details on wat he looked like. i also enjoyed the metaphor on the schoolboy/bully thing. very cute! as well as the fact that u liked the kiss, but hated the fact it was from him! XD


over 6 years ago Roza A. said:

Why was he threatening to beat her up? Isn't that something little kids do when they like each other, not teens? Or is he a bully? I do like how brave the main character is.


over 6 years ago Meghan Williams said:

This was so cute! I smiled the whole way through, great job!


over 6 years ago julliah randolph said:

this is really good! i love the main characters spunk



over 5 years ago Jaime Perry said:

Great story! I like that you had your flashback from the scent of tartar sauce. That was a good idea. As for the memory you wrote / wrote about, I really liked it. It was cute and sweet, yet the end was funny and refreshing. Great work, keep up the good writing!

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over 6 years ago Hailey F. said:

I totally agree! Nice narrative writing style with a cute, non-cliche plot line!