Donata's Story

Donata's Story

1 chapter / 2500 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


This is a world beyond ours, out among the stars but right beside us always. The world of Capheleon Night its a lot like our own in so many ways, but it is a time beyond. A whole new reality, or dimension however you want to look at it this world is wonderful and full of exciting and enticing creatures. Where the residents who call this place home can do amazing things, but as there always is, there is deep horrible evil and they will have to call on the one's that were sent to our world to stop the wonderful world they know from being destroyed.



almost 5 years ago Janell Durr said:

Yes it is the prologue to that the other story came from but I could only have 500 words for my other story and thank you I will go through and make my husband fix the grammar stuff, that's his field :). I really appreciate feed back on this so thank you very much.



almost 5 years ago Garima Gupta said:

Is this a continuation of your other story? If so, everything I said in my other review applies. There were a few grammar errors, but those are fixable!