Birdcage Girl (Excerpt)

Birdcage Girl (Excerpt)

13 chapters / 7170 words

Approximately 36 minutes to read


[Complete. Seeking Publication] 16-year-old Ashlyn spends her days locked inside a birdcage contraption built by her overprotective mother. She dreams of freedom, but can't quite let go of the emotional ties that bind her to her home - ties much stronger than the bars over her head.

She'll cross paths with...

a dubious doctor, a handsome butler with creaky leg joints, a nefarious, wandering cat, a grandfather with a fascination for pinned butterflies, and a dark beauty with sad eyes and a collection of bird droppings on her dusty doorstep...


Fantasy, Novel, Serial
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I LOVE THIS!!! Have you published it yet? Because if so... I want to buy it!!! Ahhhhh! I want the whole story! Pizzazz! Lemme have it, somehow! Ahhhhh!


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Wow, this is amazing. The writing flows really well and the story is easy to follow.


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WOW. I love the way this is written. I wish I could read the rest. You have an amazing vocabulary. Keep writing!