Birdcage Girl (Excerpt)

Birdcage Girl (Excerpt)

13 chapters / 7170 words

Approximately 36 minutes to read


[Complete. Seeking Publication] 16-year-old Ashlyn spends her days locked inside a birdcage contraption built by her overprotective mother. She dreams of freedom, but can't quite let go of the emotional ties that bind her to her home - ties much stronger than the bars over her head.

She'll cross paths with...

a dubious doctor, a handsome butler with creaky leg joints, a nefarious, wandering cat, a grandfather with a fascination for pinned butterflies, and a dark beauty with sad eyes and a collection of bird droppings on her dusty doorstep...


Fantasy, Novel, Serial
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10 months ago Roanoke Wilde said:

OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is so amazing! It's just like something you would find in a store, and even better than a lot of things you find in a store, in my opinion. I want to read more! You are an amazing writer; the way you weave the words together is! Keep writing, I will definitely read more.


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Haven't read yet but it looks good! Going to heart it! Hey man, I'm trying to get people to follow me and read my books! Mind following me? Your writing is great and I try to read all my followers books and even follow them back! Its ok if you don't want to follow me but ur book looks epic. Thx!



4 months ago TheWolfInWritersClothing said:

Wow, this is amazing. The writing flows really well and the story is easy to follow.


almost 2 years ago Day Dreamer said:

WOW. I love the way this is written. I wish I could read the rest. You have an amazing vocabulary. Keep writing!