The Minor Gods

The Minor Gods

1 chapter / 1761 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


This was for my myth project for school. It's about the side of the greek gods you might not know about.



almost 6 years ago Sara Moon said:

WOW that was Amazing!! i lloved it :) can i use ur myth for my school project?? haha :D


almost 6 years ago Ivy Blu said:


Book nec

over 6 years ago Mike Robinson said:

I not only took great delight in your story, but I learned some interesting things. A couple notes: Your employment of the words: "Almighty gods" may not be accurate inasmuch as only one being by definition can be Almighty; perhaps you could have used terms such as the "chief gods" or "super-mighty gods." Also the phrase "probably don't know of" may not require the "of" at the end. Nonetheless I truly enjoyed the story.

The girl with the glasses xiii

over 6 years ago Alyssa R. said:

I really like stories like this, especially when they revolve around Greek myths.


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