Perfect Picture of Loneliness

Perfect Picture of Loneliness

1 chapter / 597 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Story of a girl who feels like she is loneliness.


Drawing 9 out of 14

over 4 years ago Animal's Heart said:

The flow = beautiful. I can connect completely with both pieces you requested! Shows us the world today! In the first paragraph I believe you put "spenhere" and meant "spent here"? Nice story, almost like the beginning of a novel!


over 4 years ago Nicole said:

I agree that many people can connect with this piece. I think I love the flow and the pace of this story. It was very touching and that ending just came to prove what kind of world she is living in. Just make sure to watch your punctuation of dialogue. Otherwise, this was well done :)


over 4 years ago Jess C. said:

This is great. I can really connect to it. The only correction I have is the sentence "To fast, head meat concrete.." should be "too fast, head meets concrete." Great job! :)


almost 5 years ago Rose said:

This was very raw and emotional. I like the way your portrayed the girl's isolation, it was very believable. Your descriptions were also very rich. Nice job!



over 4 years ago Iris M Weiss said:

this is cool. you have some spelling issues but spell check will take care of that ;) this sounds like a feeling many of us have probably felt before. at least i know i have...its a look inside what we really think when we are lonely......good job! :)