17 chapters / 20838 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Micky is chosen. Can he handle it?


Adventure, Comedy, Novel



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about 5 years ago Dumitru Narciss said:

too long of a story....I almost fell in sleep


over 6 years ago Aston Martin said:

Oh. M. Gee! I've only read one chapter and I am in love. Just a few "naggs". The story seems a little rushed. Like it wasn't thought out well or it was just a total "go with the flow". It may have sound well in your head, but down n words its a little rushed. I absolutley adore this story already, but when it comes to Kiara...yeah. just a bit typical. Although it to late now bcuz your kind of far out there but, just think it through next time! As I say, the look goods doesn't always have to go with the look goods!