I Cried

I Cried

1 chapter / 218 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


An elderly (not old but, you know, aging) woman looks back on her first love with memories and tears flooding the papers.


Jay - cap2

over 4 years ago Hazel Argentebrume said:

Wow, that was magnificent. I really appreciate that you didn't put anything inappropriate in it. Beautiful, and I loved the ending. I think it takes a very talented writer to fit such a long story in a short period of time. Great read! :)


over 4 years ago Christina said:

I love how this almost reads like a letter. It's haunting and simple, but moving. Thanks for the great read.

Mxm forevs

over 4 years ago Hilary said:

Oh wow! Very powerful, very deep. I only wonder how she met her husband, and if she ever meets him again.


over 4 years ago cassidy said:

This is incredible! Great job it was very powerful and you did a wonderful job.



over 4 years ago Gabrielle Hyde said:

Wow. I really liked this. Although short and simple, it made a lasting impact. I liked how you described the features he liked, and how you gave a summary at the end of where she is now. It really shaped the story. Great work!


over 4 years ago Incognito Apple said:

Wow. Can my whole review just be me saying 'wow' over and over again? This is just such a strong piece of writing that you can feel the broken emotion flowing from your narrator. I love how you start a majority of the lines with "I remember" because it really captures the sense of happiness in the past, nostalgia, joy that probably won't be experienced again. And the fact that she cried more when they parted ways then when her husband died? That makes the visual image a lot stronger. I'm going to say wow again.....wow. However (yeah, sorry there's going to be a however) I'm a bit confused with the whole "pink Barbie glasses" part. Maybe it's just me and my slowness though....anyway....Superb job. I'd clap for you if I wasn't typing this right now.